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Safety rules during the pandemic


Dear Madam / Sir

During the pandemic, the sanitary safety of our patients and therapists is very important to us. The offices and the toilet are provided with disinfectants, ventilated and disinfected between sessions (armchairs, door handles, etc.). At the entrance to our Center, there are hand disinfectants, the use of which is obligatory, and disposable gloves.


We have prepared a few rules that is necessary to apply to when visiting our Center:

1. It is necessary to disinfect or wash hands after each entry into the Center, before and after therapeutic sessions. Dispensers are located in the waiting room and in the toilet.

2. Please be on time (up to 5 minutes before the session starts) to avoid using the waiting room in the company of other people.

3. Until the regulations are lifted, it is necessary to cover your mouth and nose (mask, visor) if the distance is less than 1.5 m. You decide with the therapist whether it is necessary to use protective masks or visors during an individual session. During group sessions, the providing therapists and the group decide whether to use a mask or a visor.

4. It is necessary to keep a distance of 1,5m during the sessions.

5. Using the toilet requires that you disinfect all the surfaces touched using the disinfectant liquid.

6. If you have had any contact with a person who was or may have been infected with covid-19, or has been in places, where someone else has been infected, and/ or if you experience symptoms such as: fever, cough, shortness of breath, please stay at home and hold an on-line consultation/ session or postpone it.

7. If you decide to undergo therapy conducted in our Center, in the event that your therapist or one of his/her patients gets infected, you will be informed about it and at the same time, in accordance with the regulations in force during the pandemic, we will inform and make your data available to the local Sanepid unit. We understand the decision to start working in direct contact with the therapist as consent to such an eventuality.

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